Pirelli Tyres helped make F1 ‘more exciting’

pirelli f1 19th December 2011

The introduction of Pirelli tyres into Formula One has improved the level of excitement within the motorsport, according to the majority of people.

A poll on the Pirelli website suggests that 92.65 per cent of people think this season's F1 was made more exciting by the introduction of a single tyre provider and new strategies for managing tyres.

Only 3.92 per cent disagreed with this sentiment, while the remainder (3.43 per cent) were undecided.

The 2011 season, which Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vettel won in storming fashion, welcomed in a number of changes.

New rules were passed concerning adjustable rear wings, double diffusers and KERS, but arguably some of the biggest developments came with regards to the tyres.

This year marked Pirelli's first as the sport's sole supplier of tyres and 2011 also saw the allocation reduced for each driver, with 11 rather than 14 sets of dry-weather tyres available for each race weekend.

Teams were also required to use both specifications of dry-weather tyres during dry races, with the penalty of exclusion from the race for those who did not comply.

Posted by Danielle Barge