Pirelli tyres put through their paces with four days of F1 testing

13th February 2012

Some 1,176 Pirelli tyres were used by 23 drivers to cover 3,380 laps during four days of testing in the south of Spain ahead of the Formula One 2012 season.

That equates to 14,949 kilometres, a good workout for the tyres, which proved a hit last year thanks to the different pit stop strategies they encouraged.

Unsurprisingly, Pirelli's new tyres, the P Zero White mediums, got the biggest workout in Jerez, with 91 sets completing 1,776 laps in Spain.

This was followed by the P Zero Yello soft with 1,010 laps run (across 57 sets) and the P Zero Silver hard, 33 sets of which completed 594 laps.

"The tyres performed exactly in line with our expectations here in Jerez, and we’ve had a very positive reaction from the drivers and teams so far," said Pirelli Motorsport director Paul Hembery.

He added that drivers had reported improved rear grip, as well as fewer 'marbles' – the parts of rubber that are discarded on the track – and reduced lap time differences between the compounds.

New Pirelli Cinturato Green intermediate tyres and Pirelli Cinturato blue tyres were brought along, but were not used due to the fact that weather stayed dry, despite a dip in temperatures to as low as -2 degrees.

Posted by Danielle Barge