Button: mastering Pirelli tyres in wet conditions relies on luck

26th July 2012

McLaren driver Jenson Button has claimed that mastering Pirelli tyres in wet and cold conditions does ultimately come down to some luck.

The 2009 world champion made the suggestion during an interview this week.

It comes just days after Button enjoyed a return to form at Hockenheim in Germany, where a solid performance saw the driver finish second behind world championship leader Fernando Alonso.

The Italian manufacturer's relatively new tyres were at the centre of more drama this weekend, with many teams struggling with issues related to the compounds in wet conditions.

But while the British driver enjoyed a podium finish, he was quick to note that success on the compounds remained hard to predict.

"Last year we were great with getting tyre temperature and I think sometimes you do luck into it," he said.

"If you look at the Ferraris last year they were nowhere in conditions where you had low temperature.

"I don't think Ferrari designed a car for that, it just happened with the way they have designed the geometry of the car this year."

Button will be hoping that luck is on his side this weekend as he prepares to do battle at the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring.

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Posted by Danielle Barge