F1 boss defends Pirelli

28th May 2013

Bernie Ecclestone, famous for leading the Formula One championship, has spoken out in defense of Pirelli, F1’s tyre supplier. The tyre maker has faced criticism this season as F1 drivers complain that Pirelli’s new, soft compound tyres force them to take too many pit stops and hinder performance on the racetrack.

In response, Mr Ecclestone said: “In the times when Niki [Lauda] was racing, his biggest concern was looking after the gearbox and the brakes – not the tyres. Then we got away from that and the drivers didn’t have to think about anything. Now they have to use their brains and start thinking about how to win races. The easiest thing for Pirelli would be to produce tyres that you put on at the first race of the season and take off at the last. That would be easy.”

Instead, Pirelli’s soft tyres promote driver strategy, careful planning and calculated pit stops, effectively changing the way F1 races are run.

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Posted by Danielle Barge