Pirelli begins producing GP2 Series tyres in Romania

22nd February 2013

Well-known Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli has announced that it has started to produce racing car tyres at one of its Romanian facilities.

The firm's factory in Slatina has become the building in which Pirelli's distinct tyres for the GP2 Series are created.

As such, the facility is now just one of only three Pirelli factories across the globe to produce specially designed tyres intended solely for motorsport purposes.

On top of the plant in Slatina, Pirelli has opted to create its Formula One (F1) tyres in Turkey and both its GP2 and GT event products in a facility in Brazil.

However, this is not the first time that employees at the Romanian factory have been tasked with constructing tyres for motorsport.

In fact, the GT Sprint series products, which are used by such iconic car brands as Audi, McLaren and Aston Martin, also start their lives at the facility in Slatina.

The GP2 Series has become famous for being a feeder event for F1, with many successful stars in this prestigious motorsport first plying their trade in GP2 races.

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Posted by Danielle Barge