Pirelli comments on its F1 2013 tyres

25th February 2013

Italian manufacturer Pirelli believes that the unexpected weather conditions in Barcelona have affected how the firm's new Formula One (F1) tyres have handled in the motorsport's latest training session.

Following the end of the second bout of testing in preparation for the new F1 season, questions were raised over how quickly the newPirelli tyres degrade when out on the Spanish racing circuit.

However, Paul Hembery, the motorsport boss at the well-known Italian tyre maker, believes that the majority of issues came about due to the cold temperatures experienced in Barcelona last week.

He pointed out: "The teams experienced quite high degradation in Barcelona, and that was really down to the weather conditions.

"The conditions we had in Barcelona are far from typical of the rest of the season, with much cooler ambient and track temperatures than we would normally race in, and even some rain on the final day."

As such, Mr Hembery is confident that a better picture of the new Pirelli F1 tyres will be gained once the teams arrive in Melbourne to prepare for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

The 2013 campaign of the prestigious motorsport gets underway on March 17th.

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Posted by Danielle Barge