Pirelli condemns F1 tyre war

1st August 2012

Motorsport director of Pirelli Paul Hembery has said he is not sure if the company would remain in the sport should the tyre war return.

The fierce competition of tyre suppliers dogged Formula One in the early 2000s when F1 audiences were at an all-time low.

A more recent tyre war finished in 2006 when Michelin bowed out of the sport, leaving Bridgestone as the only supplier.

Hembery described the competition as "pointless", saying that they are of no interest to the public and would have serious repercussions around safety.

His comments are at odds with those of Michael Schumacher, who said he was unhappy with the current generation of F1 tyres and a tyre war would solve the issue.

Hembury said: "The tyre companies would push the safety barriers, because that's where you get performance. I don't think that's good for tyre makers, and certainly not good for the sport."

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Posted by Danielle Barge