Pirelli confirms soft and medium tyres for Valencia

Pirelli tyres 19th June 2012

Italian compound manufacturer Pirelli has confirmed that its soft and medium tyres have been selected for use at the Spanish Grand Prix in Valencia next weekend.

The firm's motorsport director Paul Hembery confirmed the decision, which comes just days before the race begins on June 22nd.

So far, the Pirelli tyres featuring in the sport this season have enjoyed a notable amount of attention from the press, pit teams and drivers alike, with Michael Schumacher the most vocal opponent to the use of the compounds.

These tyres could face further scrutiny this weekend, with the Valencia circuit notoriously tricky with a whopping 25 corners giving it the highest number of turns on any track this season.

All of which means that high temperatures could well prove an issue for both driver and car come race day.

Speaking ahead of the race, Mr Hembery was keen to highlight the difference between this track and the ones previous.

“Valencia could not present a bigger contrast to the street circuits that have come before it," he said.

"The track is faster and the temperatures higher, with plenty of energy going through the tyres."

The Pirelli tyres chief meanwhile expects the weather to be consistently warm throughout the weekend, leading to fewer variables for the drivers.

“We’ve used the combination of soft and medium tyres more than any other line-up so far this year, as it has shown itself to be a perfect compromise between performance and durability," he added.

Qualifying for the race begins this Saturday.

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Posted by Danielle Barge