Pirelli consider introduction of specific qualifying tyres in 2013

18th May 2012

Pirelli is considering introducing specific tyres for qualifying in the Formula One (F1) 2013 season in a bid to resolve the current dispute over the use of compounds in Saturday's sessions.

This season's Pirelli tyres are designed to degrade faster in order to provide a more tactical approach to qualifying sessions.

However, when coupled with limits on the number of tyres available to each driver, it has resulted in some competitors sitting out the last round of qualifying in order to save tyres for race day.

Marco Tronchetti Provera of Pirelli has revealed that a solution to the issue could be to develop a 'qualifying tyre' after some drivers complained of the situation.

He told Italian radio station Rai GR Parlamento: "What we have is many competitive cars, which is what the teams wanted – opportunity for everyone who is able to win.

"So it's fine if someone complains. We are available to the teams. We are ready to make qualifying tyres tomorrow. But they are choices that are not ours."

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Posted by Danielle Barge