Pirelli improves noise cancellation system tyres

23rd July 2013

Pirelli has been working hard to provide motorists with the best driving experience for decades and the firm has arrived at a solution that will see the brands tyres meet the impending road noise legislation.

The brand will debut its Pirelli Noise Cancelling system, which includes tyres fitted with noise-dampening polyurethane sponge, on the Audi RS 6 and RS 7 models.

Currently, driving noise is created by the tread of a tyre compressing air around it when it makes contact with the road surface, with the sounds transmitted through the wheel, hub, suspension and steering into the cabin of a vehicle.

This can significantly impact the experience of drivers and passengers alike and can make journeys difficult.

However, Pirelli believes the polyurethane sponge can block this noise, reducing driving sounds in the cabin of the car by two to three decibels, halving the noise heard by those in the car.

The development of the new Pirelli tyres has been undertaken by the firm ahead of the introduction of new European legislation governing noise pollution across the continent.

Tests by the brand indicate that the addition of the new noise-cancelling system does not have any other effects on the characteristics of the tyre and does improve the experience of being inside a vehicle on the road.

Despite Pirelli joining up with Audi to reduce the noise its vehicles make on the road, it seems the partnership may only be relevant in the nations where the new legislations will apply, as Continental is claiming it is the equipment supplier for the RS 6 and a variety of other vehicles in the German manufacturer's range.

"We are really pleased with the news that Continental tyres have again been selected as original equipment by a leading performance car manufacturer," said Mitchell Golledge, marketing manager for Continental Tyres Australia.

Posted by Danielle Barge