Pirelli issues winter tyres reminder

17th September 2012

As the last days of summer start to ebb away, Pirelli has restated the important role of winter tyres in helping drivers adapt to colder conditions.

Dominic Sandivasci, managing director of Pirelli UK, made the point that a number of benefits are associated with fitting winter tyres, adding that unpredictable weather means UK drivers shouldn't overlook them due to the prospect of a mild winter.

"Many people have a preconception that cold weather tyres are only suitable for driving in snow but this is largely untrue: they are beneficial in a vast array of wintery conditions including ice, heavy rain, and cold temperatures," he explained.

"Cold weather tyres offer drivers improved grip thanks to their unique tread pattern design and the ability of the compound to remain flexible at lower temperatures.”

Pirelli's advice comes alongside its recent introduction of the Winter SnowcontrolSerie 3 for smaller cars and its Scorpion Winter SUV tyre, a 'more balanced' replacement for its Scorpion Ice line.

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Posted by Danielle Barge