Pirelli looks ahead to the 2013 Australian Grand Prix

13th March 2013

With the start of the 2013 Formula One (F1) campaign now only days away, tyre manufacturer Pirelli has detailed the products which the teams will be getting to grips with for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

For the race at the prestigious Albert Park circuit in Melbourne this Sunday (March 17th), the stars of F1 will be able to plan their drive around either the prime medium compound with a white stripe or the optional supersoft compound with a red stripe.

The former tyre is two steps up from the supersoft tyre of the 2013 Pirelli range, which creates a larger gap in the compounds and looks likely to establish a larger lap-time differential between the prime and option tyres.

Meanwhile, the supersoft compound with a red stripe is the softest and grippiest tyres on offer by Pirelli in F1 this season. The product’s design should make for some quick qualifying times and earlier pit stops than what was seen during the 2012 campaign.

Looking into the new Pirelli tyre range, Paul Hembery, from the manufacturer, stated: "All the compounds and constructions have changed for 2013, and the drivers should notice a wider working range and a bigger window of peak performance.

“The performance gaps between the compounds are also larger, which means that teams have a greater opportunity to use strategy to their advantage by exploiting the consequent speed differentials."

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Posted by Danielle Barge