Pirelli offers GP2 teams more freedom over tyre choices

22nd May 2012

Teams competing in the GP2 series will be offered more freedom over their tyre choices, Pirelli has announced.

The Italian firm, which supplies tyres for the motor racing championships, has revealed that teams will now be able to choose when they want to use each compound type throughout a race weekend.

Under previous rules, teams had to save one of their three sets of hard tyres for the sprint race on Sunday.

Furthermore, for the upcoming race in Monaco only, teams will receive two sets of supersoft and two sets of soft tyres in order to make it easier for drivers to overtake on the tricky track.

Pirelli's racing manager Mario Isola said: "The new tyre rules for GP2 are an exciting development that will introduce a bigger element of tyre strategy and management to the race weekend, making the GP2 Series even better preparation for the very pinnacle of racing."

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Posted by Danielle Barge