Pirelli to invest in future of Cumbria tyre production base

13th August 2012

Pirelli has announced plans to invest millions of pounds in upgrading its production base in Cumbria.

Already, the manufacturing giant employs some 120 people at its Carlisle factory, with this dedicated team responsible for producing the Pirelli tyres used by Formula 1 racing cars as well, as for everyday road cars.

Now, the company has confirmed that £9 million of the £11.4 million it plans to spend on its UK production facilities will be invested in the Carlisle factory, with this money set to be put towards helping design and create the next generation of Pirelli tyres.

Welcoming the news, Rob Johnson of the Cumbria Chambers of Commerce said it is "tremendous" Pirelli is making such a long-term commitment to the north-west of England.

"They're investing in future technology tyres and the plant to manufacture them in. I think it's a testament to the Carlisle workforce," he said.

Pirelli, which was founded back in 1872, has 20 manufacturing sites around the world, alongside a headquarters in its home city of Milan, Italy.

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Posted by Danielle Barge