Pirelli to supply Brazilian Stock Car series

28th December 2012

Pirelli has taken over from Goodyear as the tyre supplier for the 2013-16 Brazilian Stock Car Championships.

Pirelli tyres have featured in more than 50 championships in South America in 2012, making it the top provider for the entire continent. The deal with the Brazilian Stock Car Championships restores a 29 year-old partnership that was broken in 2008.

In a Sao Paulo press conference, Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said: "Our return to the Brazilian Stock Car series reinforces our sporting presence within the region, as well as helping to increase the performance for the teams and the show for the public."

At its race tyre plant in Turkey, Pirelli will build slick and wet weather race tyres for the competition. Pirelli technicians in Italy and Brazil develop the compound formulations for the tyres.

Wet weather tyres are not just important for racing, but for road legal cars too. In the grip of a cold and wet winter, Pirelli winter tyres will help provide extra grip on the adverse road conditions.

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