Pirelli tyre changes frustrate Lotus F1 team

24th June 2013

Lotus disagrees with the decision to use more conservative Pirelli tyres at the next few Formula 1 races.

The Italian tyre manufacturer is aiming to reduce the rate of tyre degradation experienced by cars, ensuring they can go for longer without requiring a pit stop.

However, Alan Permane, track operations director at Lotus, said this effectively moves the goalposts for the constructors, who have designed their cars to run with the original tyres.

"The individual compounds – super-soft, soft, medium and hard – were made softer for each grade this year in order to present teams with a challenge, which is what we saw at some races earlier in the season," he stated.

"That work is undone if you simply allocate harder compounds for races, as we've seen with those nominated for the next three rounds."

Mr Permane suggested that rival teams – which have fared less well with 2013's Pirelli tyres – would benefit from the change.

He said Lotus is "firmly in the camp" that the approach to tyre allocation should remain as agreed by the sport before the start of the season.

In the most recent Formula 1 race, the Canadian Grand Prix, the defending world champion Sebastian Vettel took the chequered flag ahead of rival Fernando Alonso.

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