Pirelli Tyres delivered something different to Formula One in 2011, claims Hembery

19th January 2012

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery has expressed his happiness at the impact that the new tyres created by the Italian manufacturer had on Formula One in 2011.

Last year marked the highly anticipated debut of Pirelli Tyres in the motorsport competition.

But despite the dominance of Germany's Sebastien Vettel, Mr Hembury believes the new compounds helped to provide extra drama as the campaign progressed.

Pirelli's premier season in Formula One was characterised by its special high-degrading tyres, which forced drivers to adopt more of a strategy to pit stops during racing.

This was because the compounds were designed to degrade faster, meaning grip would disappear quickly, rather than gradually reducing.

The new designs caught some drivers off guard, but were welcomed by experts and pundits alike as they added a new dimension to the racing.

Looking back on the season in an interview with Sky Sports, Mr Hembery had no regrets about the Pirelli tyres used.

"We were asked to bring something a bit different to the sport for 2011," he explained.

"We were given the challenge of creating tyres that degraded, tyres that had a high wear rate …We feel that at the end of the season we had delivered very much that."

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Posted by Danielle Barge