Pirelli waiting to hear F1 demands

11th November 2013

Tyre manufacturer Pirelli is still waiting to hear from the FIA about what demands will be placed on the compounds it provides to Formula One (F1) in the future.

The firm has faced criticism throughout the current F1 season as a number of high-profile incidents led to drivers questioning the safety of the tyres produced.

Following this Pirelli made the tyres last longer and were then accused of making the races boring as Sebastian Vettel dominated race after race.

Now the manufacturer has explained that it is yet to hear what type of tyre it will be expected to produce in the 2014 season.

Teams have been reluctant to issue details about their new cars, despite the fact that Pirelli has urged teams to work more closely with them to produce compounds that will make for entertaining racing.

Paul Hembery, motorsport director at the manufacturer, said testing is required to ensure new regulations are adhered to next season.

He added: "We've done a survey of the teams and how they envision the cars looking and it is very clear that the development speed of the teams will be very fast. But, of course, at this stage the teams will not give us any more information because this is a competitive environment and I am sure they don't want to be compromised."

As a result he said the manufacturer has taken worst-case scenarios based on the data it already has to start working on next season's products.

He explained that Pirelli is currently making tyres for cars that do not exist, which is a challenge for the F1 supplier.

"What I meant was related to top speed, lateral loads, vertical loads, aero loads, the loadings on the front and the rear. You have to create a car bringing together all the data from all of the teams – a car that doesn't exist, that is a fictitious car, but which is the worst-case scenario in terms of the parameters we're looking at," he stated.

As the teams travel to Austin, Texas for the next grand prix of the season, Pirelli has announced it will be providing its most durable sets of tyres for the weekend, due to the high-energy demands the new circuit places on the compounds.

The Circuit of the Americas is hosting just its second F1 GP this weekend and the track poses several challenges to the teams and the tyres, as fast corners and significant rises and falls in elevation will increase degradation.

Despite picking the same tyres this year as the first running of the Austin GP, they are softer than those used in 2012, which means Pirelli is predicting a two-stop race.

Four-time world champion Vettel secured the title in the last race in Abu Dhabi, but the German is hoping to end the season on a high and will be looking for wins 12 and 13 of the season in the US and the final GP in Brazil.P

Posted by Danielle Barge