Pirelli’s F1 2013 tyres ‘are designed to encourage more pit stops’

1st March 2013

Fans of Formula One (F1) have been told that the introduction of new tyres in the motorsport should make one-stop race strategies a thing of the past.

Paul Hembery, the motorsport director of Pirelli, has pointed out that his company's new track tyres have been specifically designed to wear faster than the products used during the F1 2012 campaign.

As a result, teams in the motorsport this season will find it near impossible to complete a race without calling on their drivers to visit the pit lane on at least two separate occasions.

On the flip side, however, Mr Hembery was also keen to stress that there is no concern that a race circuit's pit lane will be filled with drivers having to make large numbers of stops to change their car's tyres.

He explained: "In 2012, we saw a tendency through the season toward one pit stop, and we want to get back to two to three. [But] you won't be seeing five or six pit stops or anything like that.

"We have taken the approach that the compounds are more aggressive, the structures are faster and create a much more rapid heat build-up, and in certain cases that will lead to quicker degradation. It will probably take five to six races until the teams understand the different compounds and how to get the best of them."

The F1 2013 season gets underway on March 17th with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

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Posted by Danielle Barge