Plenty of promise for new Pirelli F1 tyres

22nd February 2013

There have been plenty of promising words delivered from those involved in Formula One (F1) about the Pirelli tyres that are being used for the 2013 season.

Following the end of the first practice session in Barcelona, in preparation for the upcoming campaign, the stars of F1 and their teams will have gained plenty of valuable information about the new tyres.

This is because, as well as the four days in the Spanish city this week, the Pirelli tyres have also been handed out for those in the pit lane to analyse during a three-day training session in Jerez earlier in February.

As the build-up to the 2013 F1 season reaches fever pitch, up-and-coming British motorsport star Paul di Resta has replied to criticism about the design of the new Pirelli F1 tyres, underlining that the conditions in Spain are still too cold to draw any concrete conclusions.

Due to lower temperatures than what a F1 car is typically put through when out on the track, Pirelli's products have been found to be graining more rapidly. This has resulted in quicker degradation and caused long-runs to be difficult to fulfil in practice.

However, Di Resta was keen to stress to ESPN: "They certainly look like they are wearing out quite quick, but the temperatures are not [at the same level as] where we are we are going to be racing them, so we should probably give them a bit of a break."

The British motorsport prospect went on to underline that it would be wrong to reach any conclusions about Pirelli's new F1 tyres until they are used in Melbourne in preparation for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, in settings where the products have excelled during earlier testing.

Di Resta explained: "You can look at the numbers and see the slight increase and they want more pit stops for the show and I think they'll get that. But until we reach Melbourne with the compounds we are going to race it's hard to judge.

"The temperatures are going to be different and when Pirelli did all their testing it was in the warm weather. I'm looking forward to it and it makes us focus on the strengths of the car and equally sort the weaknesses out."

Williams technical director Mike Coughlan has also weighed in on how the new Pirelli tyres will affect F1 in 2013. He stated that he cannot see the products causing as much as a lottery in the early races of the 2013 F1 season as the firm's compounds did during the first few events of last year's campaign.

Speaking to ESPN, he stated: "No, no I think they're OK.

"We have a better knowledge of the tyre now and the people; the questions to ask and the models to look at. So I think we'll get to the point where we can get the performance out of the tyre earlier."

The 2013 F1 season gets underway with the Australian Grand Prix on March 17th.

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Posted by Danielle Barge