Raikkonen praises Pirelli tyres

17th May 2012

Kimi Raikkonen has leapt to the defence of the Pirelli tyres used in this season's Formula One (F1) championships following criticism of the compounds.

Italian tyre giant Pirelli has faced criticism throughout this campaign that its tyres have played too big a role in deciding the outcome of races but Raikkonen insists that the 2012 compound is up to scratch.

"I don't think the nature [of F1] is different because of that [the tyres]," the Lotus driver told Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat.

"These tyres are good in qualifying: they have a good grip and all in all they are good tyres."

The Finnish star claimed that the ban on refuelling has had a bigger impact on deciding the final outcome on the grid.

"I don't think there would be that much problem with these tyres, if we would race with 50 or 60 kilos [of fuel] when we start," he added.

Former world champion Raikkonen made a triumphant return to the sport this year after leaving to race in the World Rally Championship in 2009.

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Posted by Danielle Barge