Tyre temperature sensitivity behind unpredictable start to F1 season, says Ferrari

22nd May 2012

The unpredictable start to the Formula One (F1) season is due to the sensitivity of Pirelli tyres to the track temperature, according to Ferrari.

A different driver has won each of the first five races of the campaign, with no previous season reaping six winners from six races.

Ferrari's technical director Pat Fry claimed that small changes in track temperature have a "large effect" on tyre performance, with the effect most notable in China.

He told Ferrari's official website: "They are also quite sensitive to the way the drivers drive them.

"In a normal three-stop race, if you are very, very careful on the rear tyres then you might be able to get them to last for a two-stop race. But you cannot drive hard on the tyres otherwise they degrade."

Mr Fry added that tyre degradation is increased when drivers attempt to overtake rivals.

The next Grand Prix is due to take place in Monaco on May 27th.

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Posted by Danielle Barge