Vitaly Petrov backs aggressive Pirelli tyres in Formula One

27th January 2012

Russian Formula One driver Vitaly Petrov has praised the new Pirelli tyres as representing the best design of compound to stop the sport from becoming boring.

The driver made the comments during the unveiling of the new tyres made by the Italian manufacturer for the upcoming 2012 Formula One season.

Presented in Abu Dhabi earlier this week, (January 25th), Pirelli have made the tyres much softer than in previous years with the performance gap between the compounds much closer than before.

This design change has been introduced in an attempt to improve the competitiveness of racing in the sport this season, following two years of dominance from Sebastien Vettel.

Speaking in an interview with Autosport, Petrov, who previously drove for Renault, welcomed the new change stating: "We like it when you do a race and you do not know when the degradation will come, and how long the tyres will be good.

"You don't want to be able to put one set on early and then just finish the race," he added.

Petrov noted that the forthcoming tests in Jerez and Barcelona will be crucial for driving teams to gain further understanding of how the new tyres will affect racing over the coming season.

Posted by Danielle Barge