Why choose all season tyres?

Why choose all season tyres? 30th July 2014

When selecting a new set of tyres, you want ones that can maintain endurance and grip throughout a range of conditions.

In the UK, the weather is often all over the place and while the summer sees soaring temperatures as well as rain and thunderstorms, the winter months often alternate between wet weather and snow and ice.

Your ideal solution, then, is to choose a set of all season tyres. There are a range of brands that sell tyres that are suitable for use in all weather and will ensure that your vehicle will not compromise much in terms of traction.

Sometimes, people may opt for switching between summer tyres and winter tyres. This is particularly common in some European countries, where it is a legal requirement to have the latter during the colder months.

However, this can be a costly option for drivers in the UK. The reason is that on the continent, the weather is more predictable. Winter is often colder and more icy for a longer period of time, so winter tyres are crucial to keep traffic safe and moving throughout this period. Yet in the UK it is hard to predict exactly when it is best to switch to winter tyres.

On the one hand, 2013 saw a particularly harsh winter and statistics showed that a number of accidents could have been prevented if people had been using winter tyres. But on the other hand, 2014 saw a mild although very wet winter, so switching to winter tyres during this time would have had little benefit.

In addition, the type of compound that winter tyres are made of means that they are less effective in summer. However, the kind that summer tyres are made out of makes them less effective in cold and icy weather.

All season tyres are designed so that they can work well regardless of what UK weather can throw at them. Take the time to go through the options that are available to you so that you can find the best brand for you.

Plenty of premium brands sell all season tyres, meaning that you will be well equipped with tyres that will last for a long time through harsh driving conditions.

For example, you could look at the Pirelli Scorpion Verde AllSeason, which is designed for use on SUVs. Pirelli also sells the Cintaurato P7, of which there is an all season version available; this tyre is designed so that it can be used on medium to high-powered cars.

There is also a choice from Goodyear, including the Wrangler HP All Weather that is designed for use on 4x4s and SUVs. Drivers can also look at the Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons, which comes with Weather Reactive Technology so that it can adapt to the kinds of conditions it is used in.

At ATS Euromaster you can choose from a selection of all season tyres and speak to one of our expert technicians, who can help you find a brand and make that best suits your budget and the type of car you drive.

Posted by Danielle Barge