Polaris aims to launch its airless tyres in 2014

11th March 2013

More details have been revealed about how Polaris is planning to launch its innovative airless tyres for the public to experience and enjoy.

In effect, such a concept could make the concern among drivers that their car could suffer a flat tyre while taking part in a long road trip, especially over tricky road conditions, a thing of the past.

This is because Polaris’ unique tyre is designed with a honeycomb-style web of hexagon-shaped partitioned rubber, which acts as the product’s core and prevents it from collapsing no matter the terrain driven over.

Joaquin Salas, the business development representative of Polaris, also acknowledged to Fox News that the tyres are designed to offer a smoother ride over bumps in the road, as well as being quieter in operation when put in contrast to the specifications of a standard tyre.

"There is nowhere for the sound to pool, so there’s no humming or drumming like there is with a standard pneumatic tyre,” Mr Salas underlined to the news portal.

Motorists should not feel concerned that the airless tyres will be instantly recognisable when out on the road though, as industry experts have been reported by the Herald Sun as saying that the products will likely come complete with sidewalls and look just like a normal set of tyres to the naked eye.

On top of all of this, the airless tyres are effectively bulletproof and road-spike proof – two reasons why Resilient Technologies, the original developer of the products, initially designed the tyres for military and off-road buggy use.

Following its recent acquisition of Resilient Technologies though, Polaris became encouraged by the validation testing of the technology and began to pursue how the tyres could be made available for wider production in the near future.

Wisconsin inventor Ali Manesh, who was the original owner of Resilient Technologies, pointed out that one of the main reasons why he agreed to sell his business to Polaris is so that his firm’s airless tyres could finally enter the mass market.

"We developed the idea, had a design and proved that it worked. But we could not take it into full production," Mr Manesh pointed out to the Star Tribune newspaper.

"So Polaris took it from there. I am grateful because that is my baby. I am glad that somebody grew it."

The concept of airless tyres has been discussed on various occasions over the past decade, though the technology has never made its way to the public market to date.

In 2005, for example, well-known French tyre maker Michelin became the first company in the motoring industry to show off the idea of an airless tyre. A few years later in 2011, Japan manufacturer Bridgestone officially announced that it was looking into how to mass produce these state-of-the-art products.

However, Polaris, which is commonly known as being an American-based manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles, is confident that its acquisition of Resilient Technologies should mean that it will have airless tyres on the market ready to purchase by the end of next year.

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Posted by Danielle Barge