Poor eyesight means many ‘driving blind’ warns expert

22nd November 2011

Many could be driving blind thanks to the "woefully inadequate" eye tests currently administered by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, one expert has warned.

Jon Sellors, group head of thought leadership at insurance firm RSA, warned of the dangers of the current test at the Association of British Insurers Motor Conference.

According to reports in the Postonline, Mr Sellors called for the current number plate test to be scrapped and for more focus to be placed on eyesight as an important element of road safety.

Poor eyesight can often lead to drivers missing ditches or road obstacles that can cause damage to car exhausts, or result in burst tyres.

Worse still, poor eyesight can also lead to serious collisions with other motorists, as drivers can miss road signs or other vehicles in certain conditions.

Mr Sellor is calling for the introduction of a standardised eye test to be undertaken by a professional and administered as part of the provisional license application process.

He called for people to move forward with the changes as "nothing will happen without widespread support".

"It is obvious that the current regime that we have for testing driver’s eyesight is woefully inadequate," he said.

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