Poor state of UK roads upsets motorists

5th December 2012

A poll conducted by GEM has found that 87 per cent of UK drivers agree that maintenance work and road inspections are not carried out frequently enough on Britain’s roads.

Only one per cent of respondents described the roads in Britain as “excellent”, with the majority of people opting to describe them as “poor”.

The number of potholes that has appeared in the last 12 months is a concern for 86 per cent of motorists – an issue that is likely to increase tyre damage. More than half the people polled blamed floods for deteriorating road conditions.

Chief executive of GEM Motoring Assist David Williams has said: “We know that the weather at this time of year really has an effect on our roads, particularly as ice and frost are destructive to road surfaces and can also worsen existing damage.”

Mr Williams also challenged the government, saying it is their responsibility to manage and maintain road surfaces and markings in the UK.

“It is something that the government should be addressing well before the UK’s drivers should have to start complaining,” said Mr Williams.

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