Poor wipers can cause issues in low sun

9th September 2013

As summer turns to autumn and the warm weather leaves the UK for another year, motorists will be driving in new conditions, with the low autumn sun causing issues with visibility.

The last thing drivers want to be confronted with when the sun is low in the sky is a dirty or scratched windscreen that is impossible to see out of.

Not only does this make driving even more difficult, it can create danger for other motorists and vulnerable road users.

Therefore it is vital that motorists prepare correctly for getting behind the wheel during the season.

Spending time to fill washer bottles with good-quality screen wash should be the first step as this can remove dirt and scratches from the outside of the windscreen, which become more prominent in the autumn and can limit visibility.

Changing windscreen wipers every two years will ensure they are in optimum condition and working correctly, helping to provide a crystal clear view of other road users and their vehicles.

The low sun and difficult driving conditions can alert drivers to the fact there wipers are not in the best condition, with squeaking, streaks on the windscreen, wipers missing the surface altogether and hopping wipers all issues that can arise.

Often these are surefire signs that windscreen wipers need to be replaced, or at the very least adjusted, and it is important for drivers to act on the information, as a failure to do so could lead to a collision on the roads.

Peter Rodger, the Institute of Advanced Motorists' chief examiner, also recommends cleaning the inside of a windscreen.

He explained: "Your heater is often on the de-mist setting, blowing traffic fumes, suspended oil and smoke onto the inside of the screen which quickly builds up a film of grime which is a major cause of glare. Clean your screen inside and out with glass cleaner at least once a week.”

As well as maintaining the windscreen and wipers, the IAM recommends drivers keep a good pair of sunglasses in the vehicle at all times.