Pothole review better late than never, says campaign group

11th April 2012

Warranty Direct managing director Duncan McClure Fisher has described the government's latest 'Pothole Review' as "better late than never".

The comments follow years of campaigning by the automotive warranty firm, via theirwww.potholes.co.uk, which was set up back in 2007 as a means of highlighting the growing problem of potholes on the UK road network.

Disrupted road surfaces are one of the leading causes of damage to car tyres in the UK, with Mr McClure Fisher noting that as long as four years ago, they reported " a 46 per cent rise in axle and suspension damage" caused by poorly maintained highways.

The government has finally moved into action though, with a new review from the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) highlighting the need for improved road surface repair practices and better provision of information to motorists.

The Warranty Direct managing director did warn that there could be no quick fix to the UK's road repair needs.

“We can only hope, now that the Government finally seems to have got the message, that the money councils do get will be used more effectively to repair local roads properly," he said.

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