Potholed roads causing millions of pounds of damage

21st September 2011

Potholed roads are costing the UK's drivers millions of pounds every year in damaged tyres and vehicles, it has been warned.

In 2010, 22,000 successful claims were leveled by motorists against councils for damage caused by potholes, according to steering rack and drive shaft specialist Carparts-Direct.

With an average payout of £200 a go, that comes to millions of pounds a year of taxpayer money being shelled out because of shoddy road maintenance.

The bill for drivers, some of whom have had cars written off as a result of pothole damage, is many times larger.

Martin Mosley, a representative for the company, said: "In 25 years, I have never known this level of destruction. It is unsafe."

Potholes and poorly maintained roads can damage tyres and even cause dangerous blowouts, as well as putting excessive stress on drive shafts and engines.

Holes in the road are estimated to cause one in five mechanical failures in UK vehicles and cost drivers approximately £320 million a year, according to Warranty Direct. 

Posted by Danielle Barge