Potholes causing up to £319 in repair bills

16th March 2012

Potholes are leaving motorists with average repair bills of £319 according to research conducted by Warranty Direct-owned campaign website potholes.co.uk.

The body pointed to the rising costs of pothole damage as part of a call to councils for improvements to the way in which road repairs are undertaken.

Potholes.co.uk is calling for these councils to completely resurface pothole-damaged roads and abolish the current system of patching and mending damaged surfaces.

Potholes are a leading cause of damage to tyres and car parts like exhausts, leaving motorists significantly out of pocket.

Research conducted by the Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance revealed that there are 1.7 million potholes in England and Wales in what equates to an 11-year backlog of road repairs.

Duncan McClure Fisher, of Warranty Direct, said: “It’s simply not acceptable for local authorities to patch-up roads that resemble the surface of the moon – they need to be resurfaced.

“Councils need to be creative, enlisting local businesses and spending the money there is as wisely as possible, not wasting a penny on repairs which only last a matter of days sometimes."

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