Potholes hitting Scottish drivers hard

20th August 2013

Drivers in Scotland are being hit with bills to repair damage caused by potholes and other problems with the nation's roads.

Data published after a Freedom of Information requested and reported by the Herald, revealed that more than 400 drivers have lodged claims against the government-appointed firm that manages Scottish roads.

The damage ranges from wear and tear caused by potholes and accidents that occurred due to avoiding the holes in roads around the nation.

The information indicated that the M8, between Glasgow and Edinburgh, and the M9, which runs from the capital to Dunblane, have the highest number of claims.

Speaking to the paper, member of Scottish parliament Alex Johnstone, who is the Scottish conservative transport spokesman, said: "We can't continue in this cycle of partial or stop-gap repairs, which are rendered useless as soon as the temperature drops below a certain level."

Roads around the UK are in a poor state due to successive winters where temperatures have remained below freezing for a prolonged period, with snow and ice playing their part in breaking up road surfaces.

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