Prepare yourself and your car before a long journey, says Elstow

12th July 2012

Preparing yourself, as well as your car, for a long journey is essential according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Drive & Survive head of training Simon Elstow.

The advice comes as parents and couples across the country gear up for another summer of busy roads and epic car journeys in search of fun and sunshine.

And while checking your automobile is in working order, with everything from the brakes, to the engine oil and tyres carefully examined, Mr Elstow also called on motorists to ensure they also prepare themselves mentally.

This includes ensuring they get as much sleep as possible before a journey, taking care to include regular rest stops along the way and coffee breaks if needs be.

Ensuring kids are kept occupied can also help avoid stressful situations, so inventing games or packing portable entertainment systems – with headphones to avoid further distractions – are advised.

“Getting away on holiday can be great fun, but it can also be a very stressful time – especially if you have a whole family to pack," Mr Elstow said.

"Make sure you prepare yourself, your car and your route, for a trip that has everyone smiling from start to finish.”

In addition to this, the motoring expert called on couples to try and share driving responsibilities wherever possible.

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