RAC calls for uniformity in drink-drive limits

RAC calls for uniformity in drink-drive limits 11th August 2015

The RAC has called for a change in drink-driving limits across the UK that would mean there was a single limit, bringing every country in line and ending any confusion that young drivers in the UK may be experiencing. 

It said that the latest Department for Transport statistics showed there were more than 200 deaths caused by drink driving in 2013, and as a result, it wants to see more done by those in government to bring this figure down. 

David Bizley, chief engineer of the RAC, says a standard UK-wide limit would mean there was more clarity in the law for drivers, and especially for those younger motorists nationwide, who are still the most likely to offend in this way. 

Mr Bizley said: "While it is encouraging that the numbers of people killed or seriously injured as a result of accidents involving young drink-drivers has fallen since 2002, the sad and all-too-familiar fact is that younger drivers still account for a disproportionate number of all drink-drive casualties. 

"A harmonised drink-drive limit across the whole UK would help make the law clearer for all motorists, and is something motorists we want to see, but what these figures highlight is the need for a concerted, focused effort on encouraging and incentivising younger motorists to recognise the dangers of driving under the influence.

Last December, the Scottish government brought in a change to the drink-drive limit that brought the nation in line with the continent, but the rest of the UK still has a higher limit, and the RAC believes that this disparity could cause confusion for motorists. 

Bringing in the lower Scottish limits across the country would mean that drivers would know what the limit was no matter where they were driving, which​, in theory​, ​​would make people less likely to offend. 

Posted by Danielle Barge