RAC: Many drivers taking a risk by not checking the history of used cars

RAC: Many drivers taking a risk by not checking the history of used cars 6th November 2015

Drivers are potentially risking their own safety by purchasing used cars without checking their history, according to a new report released this week by the RAC. 

It said that as many as nine in every ten drivers, or 2.5 million of 2.8 million UK motorists, would not check the history of a car before they purchase it privately. This could potentially leave them at risk of facing an accident should something be wrong with the vehicle they have bought. 

In addition to this, many drivers are also potentially facing bills that run into the thousands of pounds because they need to carry out repairs on their cars for issues that they didn't even know existed when they bought them. 

The organisation said it believes private car buyers are shelling out more than £6.1 billion every year on motors which may have potentially costly problems hidden away. It said that the average car price for private sales currently stands at a little over £2,500. 

Robert Diamond, managing director for RAC Car Passport, says: "These figures reveal the risks used-car buyers are taking by not obtaining a simple car data check to uncover any suspect history their intended purchase may be hiding. 

"Buying a car can be a stressful experience because of the sums of money involved so it makes sense to find out as much as you can about a car's history as it may just save you thousands of pounds.

The RAC said there are a number of checks that should always be carried out in order to make sure a car won't cost new owners in the long run. 

These include making sure that the car has had any previous finance deals settled, as this can end up costing the new owner if it has not, whether it is an imported vehicle and has a history that needs to be looked into overseas, and if it has ever been resprayed, as this can throw up issues around accidental damage having been covered up in the past. 

Posted by Danielle Barge