Recession increases age of used cars

30th August 2012

Data from the UK's biggest vehicle remarketing company, British Car Auctions (BCA), shows that the average age of used cars on UK roads has risen by six months to 7.44 years, compared with 6.93 years in 2008.

It seems financial pressures caused by the downturn mean motorists are being forced to keep their cars for longer and buy older used cars.

According to BCA the volume of 6-8 year old vehicles sold in 2011 rose by 7.4 per cent, and there are now more than seven million cars fitting this age range on UK roads. Likewise, more than 13 million cars are over nine years old.

"The squeeze on household spending means motorists are looking at different ways of managing their travel costs.  Some are deciding to choose slightly older, cheaper cars when they change their vehicle. Others are looking for more economical cars that deliver a better MPG as they try to combat rising fuel costs," explained Tim Naylor, editor of the BCA Used Car Market Report.

It is recommended that drivers with older cars ensure their motor receives regular services and fresh parts such as tyres and brake pads.

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