Rental firm launches ‘Road Sense’ campaign

6th December 2011

A new scheme encouraging drivers to check car brakes and tyres has been launched by car hire comparison website

The new 'Road Sense' campaign has been launched in partnership with road safety charity Brake in a bid to promote awareness of car maintenance issues during the cold months.

Campaigners are asking drivers to ensure car brakes and tyres are carefully monitored and maintained regardless of the expense.

The company is also keen to emphasise the importance of rectifying any issues rather than attempting to save money through avoidance.

Gareth Robinson, managing director of, said: “Road Sense is all about driving awareness around careless driving and accident prevention in the UK.”

Mr Robinson called on drivers to get regular vehicle checks as "they can make accidents more avoidable through things like having car brakes and tyres inspected regularly by an approved specialist".

The campaign is in its sixth year and comes with a particular focus on drivers under the age of 25 after Brake revealed that 25 per cent of major road accidents involved someone in this age group.

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