Report: Oxford sees the biggest rise in traffic congestion in UK

3rd October 2011

Oxford has seen the biggest rise in traffic congestion in the UK over the past six months, according to new research.

Satellite navigation specialist TomTom has published a new report which shows that around a third (31.2 per cent) of the city's main roads are now clogged with traffic, a rise of 2.2 per cent since March.

The study, which looked at the top 50 most congested traffic areas across Britain, also shows that drivers in Belfast have been regularly using their car brakes as the city saw the second biggest increase in congestion.

Overall, London is the most traffic-clogged city in the country, with Edinburgh ranked at number two on the list.

A TomTom spokesman said: "Many people may be surprised to find that places like Oxford, Belfast and Bolton have suffered big increases in levels of traffic congestion."

Northampton, Warwick and Chesterfield were the least congested in the UK, with all three recording congestion rates of less than ten per cent. 

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