Report: UK used car market expands in 2010

3rd October 2011

The used car market in the UK expanded significantly last year as Britons turned to cheaper older models, according to new research.

Vehicle auction firm BCA has published a new report, written by Professor Peter Cooke, which shows that 6.6 million used cars were sold last year, a rise of 270,000 units compared to 2009.

This rise in sales generated an additional £800 million in value, with the used car industry in the UK worth £35 billion in 2010.

"The simple fact is the UK car parc is getting older, as fewer new cars are sold and both motorists and businesses have held onto their vehicles for longer," said Tony Gannon, communications director at BCA.

"The average age of cars on UK roads rose in 2010 to 7.25 years, which is a 14-year high. The trend for older cars is rising and we believe this could continue for several years to come."

With more used cars on the road, UK drivers could look to replace their old tyres with new models. 

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