Research new car purchases, says IAM

24th February 2012

The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) has called on drivers to ensure they conduct thorough research before purchasing a new car.

Failing to investigate automobile purchases can often leave motorists short-changed.

Instead, it could save you time and money to research factors like the car battery, exhaust systems and any potential tyre deals on offer through the dealership.

IAM head of training Simon Elstow also called on drivers to undertake a number of important checks and considerations before buying a car.

Firsly decide the type of car you need and the budget you have to invest. Always be careful to check for any hidden extras while also considering running costs before purchasing.

Most importantly, consider test driving the car, to find out if the drive is comfortable and suitable to your needs.

"The new registrations are released in March, so some people will be thinking about a new car," Mr Elstow said.

"If you are – buy a car with the latest safety technology and aim for five Euro NCAP stars."

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