Run-flat tyres still proving popular across the UK

7th January 2013

Run-flat tyres are still very common around the UK, despite a raft of major car manufacturers moving away from such products.

The main advantage of run-flat tyres is that they are able to continue working at pressures which would render a standard wheel unusable.

With this benefit in mind, German vehicle maker Mercedes Benz has become the latest firm to enter this particular tyre market. As such, drivers can choose the option on the new A-Class and B-Class models.

However, other well-known manufacturers have opted to test alternatives to the run-flat technology. For instance, both Volkswagen and Seat have become the early adopters of seal technology.

The product adds a layer of glue to the design of a post-production tyre, thus enhancing ride comfort and limiting the problems as a result of a puncture.

"If a nail goes through a sealed tyre the viscose layer seals round the nail so you never lose pressure in the tyre," Peter Robb, brand manager at Continental, commented.

"It's still holding the volume of air needed to carry the vehicle so you don't have reinforced side walls so the comfort factor is very good."

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Posted by Danielle Barge