Rural driving fun but can be fatal, warns IAM

3rd August 2012

Navigating the winding and scenic roads of rural Britain may provide more enjoyment for drivers than motorway travel, but they can prove just as dangerous.

That was the warning issued by the Institute of Advanced  Motorists (IAM) head of training Simon Elstow, who called on car users to take extra care when travelling to in the country over the summer.

August represents one of the busiest times of year for holidaymakers heading to some of the UK's most scenic rural locations and with more motorists on these roads, the chance of  there being an issue increases.

The IAM is calling on drivers to be aware of vulnerable country road users such as walkers, cyclists and horse riders and to ease off when approaching field entrances and gateways.

Other advice includes being patient with slow moving horse box drivers, taking heed of wildlife warning signs and driving much slower than the national speed limit of 60 mph.

Mr Elstow added: "Rural roads are more fun to drive than long, straight ones, but they are responsible for the majority of fatal and serious accidents.
"Drive to the road and weather conditions to ensure you stay safe while enjoying your time in the country."

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