Samsung attempts to improve safety with see-through technology

Samsung attempts to improve safety with see-through technology 29th June 2015

Road safety is always a major issue across the world, with car manufacturers and governments constantly looking for ways to make sure that drivers are facing lower risks when on the roads. 

However, few solutions have ever been quite as innovative as a new one revealed last week by Samsung. The South Korean technology giant may be better known for its smartphones and televisions, but it has turned an eye towards road safety with impressive results. 

The company rolled out a trial for drivers in Argentina that appears to make lorries see-through, allowing those driving behind them to view what's in front of the lorry so they can tell if it's safe to overtake or not. 

Crucially, it should make overtaking on single lane roads far safer, as it takes away the lorry as a factor in blocking the driver's view, letting them see if there is any oncoming traffic before they pull out into the opposite lane. 

So how does Samsung manage to achieve this feat? The solution is actually rather simple – it has installed cameras on the front of the lorries trialling the system, with screens fitted to the back of the vehicle to allow drivers to see what's in front. 

RAC Business spokesman Simon Peevers said: "It is a positive move to see technology used in ways to make driving safer for all road users and to help reduce accidents. Robust testing is of course required to ensure the system is failsafe as the consequences of the technology failing, the image freezing for example, could be devastating. So we would urge all drivers to continue to exercise caution when overtaking lorries and use their own eyes to be sure the road ahead is clear of oncoming traffic."

And Samsung is not the only company now looking to roll out future technology, with Ford recently having released a new system that makes use of a front-mounted camera to allow drivers to see around corners to check for any hazards. 

Posted by Danielle Barge