Scotland the worst for potholes in the UK

18th December 2012

Scotland has the worst conditions on roads and pavements in the UK according to figures from the AA after 800 hours of surveying UK roads by members in October 2012.
An average of 8.9 potholes per mile can be found on Scottish roads, with 2.81 for the same distance found on pavements and paths.

This follows results from a study by Be Wiser Insurance that has found that over half of Britain’s motorists find potholes the most infuriating aspect of UK roads.

The second most frustrating thing for participants in the Be Wiser study was the amount of motorists currently on UK roads, with 21 per cent saying this was a particular annoyance.

Potholes can not only cause a loss of control on the road, but can also cause damage to tyres. Although potholes cannot be directly attributed to breakdowns, they can be a major cause.

The AA survey found that London had the fewest potholes, with an average of 4.9 per mile on roads and 8.9 on paths.

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