Serial motoring offenders continue to drive

5th September 2013

Breaking the rules of the road often comes with the punishment of a hefty fine and driving licence penalty points.

A total of 12 is enough to see a motorists have their licence revoked, but sometimes the process does not work as it is designed to.

Recent figures published by the DVLA have indicated that people sometimes continue to hold a licence despite accumulating a large number of points.

The worst offender was a woman in West London, who was continuing to drive even though she had picked up 42 penalty points in 2012 for failing to disclose the identity of the driver for a previous offence.

A man from Warrington, who had 36 points, all picked up in the two week period when he was caught driving uninsured six times, also continued to drive after a breakdown in communication between the DVLA and Court Services.

The organisations are trying to improve their systems and the Institute of Advanced Motorists has said the improvements cannot come quick enough.

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