Slow down for the kids, says Brake

30th May 2012

Drivers must avoid speeding in built-up communities in order to reduce the number of accidents involving children on foot or bicycle, road safety charity Brake has warned.

The advice follows new research by the body that reveals the ingrained culture of high speed that dominates many motorists driving habits in the UK.

According to their research, young drivers are particularly guilty of this, with around 52 per cent of motorists surveyed admitting to driving over a 30mph speed limit at least once a week.

Older drivers also remain guilty of breaking these laws, with 34 per cent of older motorists admitting to going over this speed limit.

Brake has warned that these statistics highlight the growing danger for people and children walking and cycling in communities.

The charity is calling on drivers to adopt a more moderate speed of just 20 mph, with this speed increasing the chance of being able to stop in time in the event of an emergency.

Ellen Booth, Brake senior campaigns officer, said: "Children make mistakes on roads, so it’s vital drivers are always ready to stop in an emergency.

"Don’t fool yourself that you can handle faster speeds: slowing down to 20mph or less around schools and homes is essential in giving yourself time to react."

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