Spare tyre alternatives have gathered speed

14th August 2012

Traditional spare tyres are increasingly being left in the garage in favour of alternative solutions, a recent article published on The Telegraph's website has suggested.

The report cited research from Continental Tyres, which found spare tyres proved useful for approximately 70 per cent of punctures, while often a lack of knowledge, tools or tyre quality scupper DIY changes by drivers.

Space-saving spares which take up less room have become more commonplace, while compressors that reinflate tyres after foam has resealed punctures are also challenging the traditional spare in the boot.

Continental has also pioneered the self-sealing tyre, which utilises an airproof layer inside to prevent air escaping through the tread area.

Finally, run-flat tyres include a rigid sidewall that allows drivers to keep going despite a puncture, though they can make for a less comfortable ride as a result.

It's estimated the average driver gets a flat once every five years, meaning a fresh set of tyres may be the simplest way to sidestep need for tyre repair on the fly.

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