Speed limit cuts across the country

2nd January 2013

A nationwide cutting of speed limits is taking place, with an increase in 20mph zones in residential areas that will see drivers increasingly applying the brakes.

In a report from The Independent, 27 out 75 local authorities said they had already introduced or were in the process of introducing the lower speed limits. Major cities including Liverpool, York and some parts of London already have the 20mph limits in place.

Spokesman for the Alliance of British Drivers Keith Peat has warned of a backlash from drivers, and that 20mph zones would increase accidents rather than prevent them, as drivers become more concerned with what the speedometer says, rather than paying attention to the road.

Chair of the Commons Transport committee Louise Ellman supported the move, but made sure to point out that a consultation with the police and local people should be conducted before any zones are introduced.

“This is about safety and responsible motoring. It will make our roads safer and more usable,” Ms Ellman said. “There is clearly widespread support for this, but it’s important that there be local consultation as to exactly where these zones are defined.”

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Posted by Transport bodies fear driver backlash to new speed limits