Study reveals UK fine-dodgers

26th April 2012

A new study has revealed around ten per cent of British motorists have been caught parking illegally over the last year in the hope of dodging a fine.

According to the study, conducted by Sheila’s Wheels car insurance, around eight per cent of respondents have successfully appealed a fine while 22 per cent do not see illegal parking as breaking the law.

The study makes for concerning reading, with many drivers seemingly happy to risk adding to the day-to-day cost of motoring simply because they can not be bothered to find a proper parking space.

With fuel costs rising, and additional costs surround tyre and engine maintenance, the charges attached to parking tickets could so easily be avoided.

However, it would appear many are happy to run the risk with men proving the most dishonest in this respect,  with around 11 per cent admitting to parking illegally.

More astonishingly still, 14 per cent of the motorists surveyed admitted they had shelled out over £100 in parking fines over the last 12 months.

Jacky Brown, at Sheilas' Wheels car insurance, said: " All motorists should familiarise themselves with parking rules and regulations and keep loose change in the car – so it's at hand should you need to pay to park when you least expect it."

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