Supermarkets are offering petrol at reduced rates

26th April 2013

Four supermarket chains have slashed the price of petrol, much to consumers’ delight. Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons are offering reduced forecourt prices, selling petrol at the lowest rates since January.

A price war began when Asda cut its prices to 131.7p per litre of petrol, and 135.7p for diesel. Sainsbury’s matched the price reductions, while Morrisons took it a step further by lowering fuel costs up to 3p per litre. Tesco trailed behind the three, but still offered significantly reduced rates, cutting up to 2p off the average price of petrol.

Motoring groups and consumers are welcoming the trend, as budgets are tight for most Britons and, as they say, ‘every little helps’.

Sainsbury’s head of fuel, Richard Crampton, said the company is cutting fuel costs to help consumers’ bottom line. “We’re always looking for ways to help customers save money and we know that fuel is a big part of household budgets.”

The cuts mean that drivers will only pay 133.7p per litre of petrol at Asda. Petrol rates are likely to drop even more in the future, as the price of crude oil continues to fall.

David Bizley, technical director of the Royal Automobile Club, said: “These price cuts will be widely welcomed by UK motorists and it is encouraging to see that the drop in the wholesale price of fuel is being passed on.”

Take advantage of lower petrol prices while you can. As the weather warms up, more Brits will be hitting the road and racking up miles, so a few pence knocked off petrol prices can actually make a big difference for motorists.

President of the Automobile Association, Edmund King, said: “This is perhaps another glimmer of sunlight for drivers after a hard, wet, pot-holed and expensive winter of driving.”

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